Well Planning & Engineering Services

Customized well plans, wellbore analysis and support from start to finish

Well Planning & Engineering Services

At Aim, we strive to provide you with the best possible service and support for your well-planning and engineering needs. By utilizing the top software in the industry, you can count on customized well plans and detailed anti-collision reports with exports tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our team provides support from start to finish for each well drilled, by providing daily “plan vs. actual” updates, anti-collision and lease/hard line distance monitoring along with final data exports, end of well reports, KPI reviews and a certified copy of the final surveys submitted to the Texas Railroad Commission, and 24-hour assistance is always available for the unexpected.

When required, our experienced engineering team can prepare hydraulics analysis and detailed torque & drag reports pre and post run to help you configure the right tools for any job. Select the optimum rig and equipment, string components, and fluids to drill any type of well (onshore, offshore, deep water, high-pressure/high-temperature, 3D directional profiles, horizontal, and extended reach). Model pipe strings to define optimum windows of operation during the design and execution phases of your well. Anticipate risks and know how to drill faster without compromising the safety of the operation.

All Aim field personnel are armed with the latest directional software by Drakewell which directly links the field and office in real time to current operations to fully monitor and ensure each well is drilled as planned and can adjust on the fly as required. Communication is ongoing between the field, RTOC, ADOC and office during the entire drilling process, and detailed daily reports are provided each morning to ensure that everyone is up to date with the activities onsite.


COMPASS™ Well Planning Software by Landmark

COMPASS™ is the drilling software most widely used by well planners for directional and horizontal planning, anti-collision analysis, and management of survey data for each well drilled, with error-of-ellipse reports able to be created as well. COMPASS™ was designed and developed by Landmark Software & Services, a Halliburton company.

WELLPLAN™ Drilling Software by Landmark

Designing complex well string operations requires rigorous analysis to define the key aspects of each pipe-related operation in the wellbore. Determining which rig or equipment to use, the proper string components, and the appropriate fluid properties and parameters to drill safely and efficiently are just a few of the challenges the drilling engineer must address. To navigate these challenges, users require software solutions that can manage this complexity and bring to bear a wealth of scientific capabilities.

DecisionSpace® Well Engineering software is the latest evolution in more than 20 years of innovations in well-construction information solutions. Building upon the industry leading WELLPLAN™ suite, DecisionSpace Well Engineering software extends and simplifies the science through dramatic advancements in ease-of-use and data visualization. Integrated together with Engineer’s Desktop™ and Engineer’s Data Model™ (EDM™) applications, it provides the most complete and unparalleled well-engineering software tool kit in the industry.