Stay Informed and Reduce Risk

Aim Directional provides enhanced MWD survey corrections, in real-time or post run. By reducing the ellipse of uncertainty on surveys, we ensure more accurate wellbore placement to improve the drainage of your reservoirs.

 Our Survey Management specialists use Superior QC FDIR technology to correct MWD surveys, by analyzing 27 different error sources. This reduces the MWD Survey Ellipse of Uncertainty (EOU) by up to 50%. Surveys are corrected for BHA magnetic interference, MWD tool sensor errors, and magnetic model reference errors.

Due to the risk associated with tighter wellbore spacing, Aim Directional focuses on survey quality and monitoring of all potential anti-collision concerns. Our services include anti-collision scans to you and the field staff in real-time during the drilling process.

  • Reduce uncertainty and risk of costly potential collisions
  • Quality control checks on every survey
  • Ability to shorten the bit to sensor distances
  • Reduction of MWD Survey Ellipse of Uncertainty
  • MWD Tool Performance ratings available for every run
  • Survey Management
    • Real-Time and Post Run six axis Superior QC FDIR corrections
    • Real-Time and Post Run pseudo (short survey) Superior QC FDIR corrections
    • SAG and Stretch Corrections
  • Anti-Collision Monitoring
    • Twice daily
    • Every survey/connection near offset concerns
  • Hard Line/ Lease Line Monitoring
    • Notification sent out 500’ from Hard Line at TD
  • Magnetic Calculations
    • MVHD 2019 model used per run