Stay Informed and Reduce Risk

Aim Directional is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service on each and every job. To honor this dedication, we created our Advanced Drilling Optimization Center (ADOC) in Houston, TX—consisting of our most knowledgeable and experienced Directional Drilling personnel, who remotely monitor directional performance.  Their expertise can be applied to multiple wells simultaneously, instead of just focusing on a single well. They analyze all available data and drilling parameters to maximize drilling efficiency and wellbore accuracy.

  • Experienced Directional Drillers available nightly to support field staff and clients
  • Real-Time Curve Monitoring: build rates and projections
  • Target and Window Monitoring
  • Torque and Drag analysis allows faster, easier drilling which increases BHA and bit life
  • Drilling log review and parameter optimization
  • Torque & Drag Analysis: Pre- and Post-Run
  • Hydraulics Analysis