Stay Informed and Reduce Risk with Aim’s Real Time Operations Center

In today’s digital age, it’s nearly impossible to analyze the extensive amount of data associated with drilling a wellbore—and for this reason, Aim Directional has established a 24/7 collaborative environment to provide you with access to vital information and the ability to make informed and prompt decisions. Our Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) is specifically designed to monitor drilling activity 24 hours a day, and provide technical support to you as well the field team.

The focus of our experienced RTOC staff includes monitoring critical field operations 24/7, running remote MWD operations and providing troubleshooting support to identify issues in a timely manner to decrease the risk of failures. We leverage our workforce to reduce the number of personnel required at the rig site, minimizing your potential HSE issues and daily costs.

  • 24-hour troubleshooting and quality control
  • Real-time and memory correlation and corrections
  • Well correlation before or during drilling process
  • Drilling optimization to minimize drilling out spec
  • Verifying Non-Mag spacing requirements per BHA
  • Personalized real-time data views online and mobile via LiveLog
  • Optional support and checks on every survey
  • Pre-job analysis with engineers, well planners, and management
  • Online command center with customizable alarms, views, logs, correlations and more
  • Fully encrypted data backup
  • Customizable services from troubleshooting to full 24 hour watch
  • Available WITSML data transfer
  • Reduce uncertainty and costly potential collisions
  • Fully customizable online displays for position and target monitoring 24/7
  • Quality control and immediate troubleshooting catches and fixes issues to reduce non-productive time (NPT)
  • Remote operations from RTOC in Houston
    • Day
    • Night
    • 24 Hour
    • Troubleshooting Services
  • Access to Real-Time Data
    • Standalone WITSML services
    • Drakewell Real-Time Dashboard
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Advanced Drilling Optimization Center

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