Stay Informed and Reduce Risk with Aim’s Real-Time Operations Center

There are many uncertainties during the drilling process. From quality control and
troubleshooting to anti-collision and well correlations it is nearly impossible to have too
much data. However, combing through all this data to determine which corrections are
needed or why gamma counts don’t match can be a tedious and time consuming process.

This is where Aim Directional Services’ Real-Time Operations Center (RTOC) can help.
It is specially designed to monitor drilling activity 24 hours a day. Offering services like
real-time digital data feeds and immediate troubleshooting, the RTOC reduces risk while
keeping the operator informed. When combined with Survey Management, the RTOC can
perform collision monitoring, short collar corrections, multi-station analysis and more to
ensure the well is drilled as safe and precise as possible.

  • 24-hour troubleshooting and quality control
  • Real-time and memory correlation and corrections
  • Well correlation before or during drilling process
  • Azimuth uncertainty ellipse reduction
  • Short collar and SAG corrections
  • Drilling optimization
  • Personalized real-time data views online and mobile via LiveLog
  • Optional support and checks on every survey
  • Pre-job analysis with engineers, well planners, and management
  • Online command center with customizable alarms, views, logs, correlations and more
  • Fully encrypted data backup
  • Customizable services from troubleshooting to full 24 hour watch
  • Available WITSML data transfer
  • Reduce uncertainty and costly potential collisions
  • Fully customizable online displays for position and target monitoring 24-7
  • Quality control and immediate troubleshooting catches and fixes issues to reduce non-productive time (NPT)
  • Torque and drag analysis allows faster, easier drilling to increase BHA and bit life

Remote operations from RTOC in Houston

  • Daytime
  • 24 Hour
  • Troubleshooting Services

Real-time log visualization

  • Standalone WITSML services
  • Command Center with Livelog
  • All inclusive

Survey Management

  • Multi-station analysis
  • SAG and short collar corrections (real-time or post run)

Anti-Collision Monitoring

  • Twice daily or every survey/connection

Magnetic Calculations

  • MVHD2016 model used per run

Drilling Optimization

  • Torque and drag analysis pre or post run
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MWD Survey Corrections

Aim uses Superior QC FDIR technology to analyze 24 different error sources in order to correct surveys and reduce MWD survey Ellipse of Uncertainty (EOU) by up to 50%. Surveys are corrected for BHA magnetic interference, MWD tool sensor errors, and magnet reference errors.

Command Center Display

Optional Command Center display showing rig data, logs, and surveys. Left: A driller’s dial to display the last four toolfaces. Above the dial is various rig data from blockheight and bit depth to the last survey numbers. Center left: Well log displaying gamma and downhole temperature from MWD. Center: Measure Depth. Center Right: Rate of penetration (ROP) and weight on bit (WOB). Right: Survey, vibration, and shock data log.

Real Time Operating Center