IADC Rig Pass is an accredited workshop, which meets training requirements applicable to Production and Drilling crews. We deliver a standardized safety orientation preparing employees for almost any operating environment, at almost any site, onshore or offshore. Completion of our IADC Accredited HSE Rig Pass program ensures that personnel have met the basic requirements defined by safety and training professionals in the drilling industry


For students who may be exposed to the highly toxic gas Hydrogen Sulfide at the workplace, we offer a Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness training course that can be completed entirely online using a computer with an internet connection or in person at our Houston facility. Training on the subject of Hydrogen Sulfide, or H2S, is essential for all oil and gas workers who could be exposed to H2S during the course of their work activities. This training helps fulfill the training requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926, ANSI Z390.1, Accepted Practices for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Training Programs, and other regulatory standards. Students may require additional training in the use of company specific protective equipment and procedures. Training in equipment use and procedures should be provided by your employer and specific to your worksite

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