Anarchy Friction Reduction Tool

Focused on reducing the overall friction encountered when drilling highly deviated or horizontal wellbores.

Reducing Overall Friction When Drilling Highly Deviated or Horizontal Wellbores

The ANARCHY FRT has demonstrated clear improvements in drilling performance by reducing stick slip and torque within the drill string. This has enabled reduction in drag and thus improved weight transfer to the bit when drilling through highly interbedded formations, directional applications, or long horizontal sections. The ANARCHY FRT has also shown to improve tool face control by minimizing static friction in the drill string and bottom hole assembly.

When the ANARCHY FRT is strategically placed it will improve ROP and weight transfer through complex directional wellbore profiles.

Defining Features
  • Up to 50% increase in sliding ROP
  • Reduction in drilling time
  • Decrease lateral and torsional vibration
  • Saves time and drilling cost
Real Benefits
  • Increase in rotating ROP
  • Improved tool face control
  • Increase in sliding ROP
  • Compatible with all MWD/LWD
  • Less WOB requirements result in longer bit life
  • Prevents weight stacking

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Anarchy FRT Brochure